The Workforce

The climate crisis should not be solved by the hands of human labor. The task is simply too large. Just imagine the fuel that our economy consumes every day being handled by hand in buckets. No, we need automation for that kind of challenge. A robot handling 8 kg of rock per minute serves 4204.8 tons in a year. Our autonomous robots are being trained to work day and night, during sun and rain. Just winter is not on our schedule, yet. Thus, 2,000 tons per robot seems a realistic target for our bots.

The Flipping

Our market survey indicates that customers love natural stone walls. But they end up buying standard metal fences because of the cost. Long stone walls required a massive investment in human labor that will lead to very hard working conditions. Still, there is a niche for manual masonry and it will always be. What RockFarm does is competition towards metal fencing. We want to shift the market towards low-cost stone walls that are below the cost of metal fences. The flipping shall contribute to uptake in carbon removal.