Dr. Mohammad Charsooghi

Computer Vision

I am always passionate about the questions that matter for society and increase sustainability and the quality of human life, whether since I was a researcher in a university or now a developer in a company. My Ph.D. was in Physics in the field of optics/soft matter and I developed image processing algorithms and imaging techniques to recognize objects and patterns. Later in my career path, because of my great enthusiasm for practical questions, I moved from academia to industry.

Here in NASKA Robotics, I develop computer vision algorithms to give robots a vision of the world we live in and help them get acquainted with their surroundings. I hope that by developing innovative methods and bringing artificial intelligence into action we can take effective steps in the sustainability of human life.

We, humans are the ones who make our future. Lets make it better, together.
  • Computer Vision 90%
  • Algorithm Developing 70%
  • Software Developing 50%
  • Programming (Python/C++) 80%

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