Million kilometers
of perimeter on earth
Gigatons CO2 per year
removable by natural dunite rock
Kilogramms CO2
removable per ton of rock
Corporate Carbon Removal

Activate your Perimeter
for Carbon Removal

Our service is simple. RockFarm is your regional solution to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. We build beautiful natural rock walls on the perimeter of any ground in your region. Each wall contains natural carbon removal powder that is being replaced every year. This makes CO2 removal incredibly efficient. To also make this service scalable, cheap and available to everybody, we use autonomous robots for local manufacturing. Choose one of our three services for your business:


Scalable Supply Chains and Sustainable Technology

Discover our efforts to provide scalable carbon removable solutions to your region or location.

tailored for sustainability officers

RockFarm Carbon Removal

Accountable & Measurable

Forget complicated models and simulations. With RockFarm you can always measure both inputs and outputs on-site and on-time and check our numbers, yourself.


Our method of carbon sequestration is called "enhanced weathering of natural rock" and is considered as permanent by the scientific community.

Zero Sink

Our solution scales without scaling a sink and therefore raising a new problem. We use output material as building material for new walls.

Added Value

Since the beginning of mankind, walls are adding value to mankind. Outdoor robotics will activate the perimeter of ground for innovative services beyond our expectation.

Protecting Arable Land

Zero waste of land is our strategy and we will encourage customers to order carbon removal walls with autonomous gardening on its top. Furthermore, walls prevent mammal intrusion that can lead to destruction of up to 20% of crop.

Zero Emission into Nature

Geoengineering usually suggests to add things to our complex ecosystem. We do not. We just remove carbon from the atmosphere and add it as construction material to our economy.


Things that are out of sight become often out of the mind and then out of control. This is why we encourage carbon removal directly on your ground. Let us bring everybody into control to preserve this planet.

Closed Box & Water Cycles

Minearlization of CO2 in a closed box enables optimal control without losses. Our preferred wall design is sealed and the water used is being demineralized and reused.

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Available in Germany
and Spain


Our headquarter is located near Berlin. With our partner in Spain, the setup for a carbon removal plant is being planned and tested. 

Carbon removal walls work best in areas with a warm climate. To rinse and refill rock powder, access to water and power supply is needed. Transportation of material is best done via ship or train.

If your company location is not listed yet, subscribe to our waitlist and we will take care that your region is being served, soon.

Our team

We are Professionals in Clean Tech and Robotics

We work to help your business on its journey towards net zero emission. 

These guys create a magic. Today’s winning organizations need a combination of strategic insight, domain expertise, data, and technology. That is why we strive convergence of scalable technology and sustainable solutions: Robotics engineers helping to solve the climate crisis.

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You are a sustainability officer of a mid-sized or large company looking to improve your portfolio? Get in touch with us! Our offerings are being tailored to your needs: 

  • Your company as a protagonist in content marketing of a lighthous project for a carbon removal project in your region
  • Your company staking or building carbon removal walls on farming ground in your region – starting from 500 m or 500 tCO2
  •  Purchase CO2 certificates from RockFarm
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